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Practice social responsibility Cheersson to assist Henan province

In July 2021, after learning of the disaster in Zhengzhou, Cheersson Immediately sent a letter of condolence to its henan employees and investigated whether any of the employees in the factory had suffered from the disaster, so as to immediately stabilize people's hearts and develop disaster subsidy policies.

With the flood situation to zhengzhou surrounding the spread, Xinxiang, Gongyi, Xingyang, Hebi and other places have appeared disaster, the flood control situation is more and more serious. At this critical moment, Cheersson and High-tech Zone Charity Foundation contacted, took the initiative to donate materials, together with henan people into the critical flood relief work.

After communication with the Charity Federation, Cheersson learned that in addition to food and other supplies, basic necessities such as summer quilts, blankets and toiletries were most needed at the front. Therefore, she immediately purchased a large number of daily necessities such as blankets, towels and toiletries, and arranged special buses to deliver the supplies to those in need.

It has taken a calamity to know the littleness of man and the greatness of love. Everyone firewood flame high, a difficult eight party support. Cheersson gathered all kinds of resources to support the disaster area, and helped the affected people with love and in kind, fulfilling our commitment to social responsibility.

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