Have fun at work

    Wish Wall
    Staff canteen
    The secret of capturing a man's heart, is to grab his stomach
    Cheersson's staff canteen offers a wide range of free meals
    What kind of food is unforgettable?
    Hometown cuisine, local cuisine, French cuisine?
    Sorry, we can't do it!
    Cheersson staff canteen can't serve mom's cooking, but it can:
    1. Heart (often change patterns, meat and vegetable mix)
    2. Health (healthy chef, safe ingredients, clean environment)
    3. Both (chef stir-fry, variety)
    • Attentively
    • Health
    • Take care of
    VIP Restaurant
    A good place for team building & celebration
    The place is spacious, can read, as well carrying on tea art teaching
    And chefs tailor dishes to satisfy your taste preferences
    Clear your plate campaign
    A porridge and a meal should be considered hard-won
    A stitch of constant reading material difficulties
    Waste and corruption are great crimes
    Inspire others with your own saving behavior
    Unique working environment
    Constant temperature and humidity machine shop
    Stamping workshop

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Add:No. 28, Huchen Road, Huguan Industrial Park,
High-tech Zone, Suzhou, China



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