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To contribute to the progress and development of society while pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees.

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  • Safe Production

    Safety production policy: safety first, prevention mainly, clear responsibilities, strict system, focus on the spot, reject violation

    Fusion at home and abroad advanced ideas and methods of safety management, "zero harm" as the goal of safety in production work, on a regular basis to analyze all kinds of production safety accidents, and put forward the early warning information, formulate corresponding preventive measures, effectively reduce the occurrence of similar accidents. In view of the problems that some units do not pay enough attention to the statistics of safety indicators and the statistical analysis of non-destructive accidents is not in place, the Group has standardized and improved the statistical methods and indicators of production safety accidents.
  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental policy: prevent pollution, continuously improve to provide environmental products, comply with laws and regulations, save energy and reduce waste, build a green enterprise

    In order to improve the overall management level of enterprise environmental protection, the company through grasping the environmental order to promote the transformation of environmental management, to achieve enterprise standardization, standardized management.
    The company ensures the normal and stable operation of environmental protection treatment facilities, legally handles waste and controls the use of dangerous goods; Regularly entrust professional third-party monitoring institutions to conduct regular monitoring activities to ensure that the emission indicators meet local environmental standards; We will continue to strengthen investment in energy conservation and emission reduction and technological upgrading in enterprises, rationally plan system management, actively eliminate backward production equipment and processes, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, and reduce the discharge of pollutants. Formulate scientific and feasible emergency plans for environmental emergencies, and organize regular drills of emergency plans, and constantly improve their ability to deal with emergencies.

Donations to fight Novel Coronavirus

Cheersson donated 1 million RMB to the SND Charity Federation to establish the Cheersson Industrial Love Fund, which will be used to fight against Novel Coronavirus and other charitable public welfare activities.

Charitable Donations

Cheersson is full of patriotism and great love, striving to share the benefits of reform and development with more people.

Employee Assistance

Cheersson helps employees who has family difficulties by supporting living materials and education affairs.

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