In Rima, there is a brilliant future

We are doing something great to promote the prosperity and social development of the world
Career, we hope to find a partner with the spirit of struggle.

Join Cheersson, enjoy work and life, create a better future with us

The story of the Cheersson people

Knowledge to share, technology to exchange


Pick a job you love and work at it for the rest of your life


Take the initiative to endure hardship, do not fear hardship, do not endure hardship

With Cheerson good team

In order to enrich the staff's life, improve their physical fitness and strengthen their spare time communication, the company has organized several interest groups. I hope you find an organization that shares your interests.
Cheersson interest group
Enjoy reading, badminton team, table tennis team, basketball expert, runner, fishing fan, treasure mom with baby

Enjoy with your family
If I could be with my family, what would I forget
Show the children around the factory to learn about their parents' working environment

Communication forum

We look forward to your success and happiness in Cheersson,
In addition to the establishment of the Staff Service Rapid Response Group,
There are more channels of communication.
The monthly employee communication meeting,
HR will deeply understand the needs and feelings of employees
We promise,
We will take every question you ask seriously and give a sincere reply!

Contact information

Add:No. 28, Huchen Road, Huguan Industrial Park,
High-tech Zone, Suzhou, China



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