To become an excellent manufacturer of components and system products in the industrial field and to build a professional brand in the industrial field.

Cheersson was established in 2012 and has always been a trusted supplier of high-quality, complex precision parts with industry-leading stamping technology. We continue to explore, improve, and innovate our stamping process for our global clientele, providing you with products widely applicable in the automotive industry using precision stamping, cold forming, and deep drawing. We offer you the ultimate one-stop solutions to stamping products and the subsequent secondary processing. The deep-drew and cold-formed products are especially favorable to large-scale automotive manufacturing.

Cheersson’s production technology is suited to the evolving trends among the automotive industry. We have experience and achievements in manufacturing parts for In-Vehicle Infotainment, Powertrain, Automotive Electronics, System Safety, Power Steering, and Self-Driving System. We continue to innovate and adapt to various trends in the automotive industry.

We have production and research capabilities in China, Mexico, and Europe. Our headquarter is located in Suzhou, China, with more than 1000 employees worldwide. We provide products and services to over 20 world-renowned automotive companies and continue offering innovative solutions.
  • Safety system
  • Multi-Media System
  • Sealing Module
  • Braking System
  • Powertrain System
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