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Developing and Discussing industry standards to promote high-quality development of Automotive Fastener industry -- "the sixth China Automotive Fastener Development Forum 2021" came to a successful conclusion

Recently, the China automobile engineering society, China automotive engineering society anti-corrosion aging branch, Cheersson new kay fastening systems co., LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzhou to undertake the "2021 the sixth China automotive fasteners development BBS" successfully held in Suzhou high-tech zone, China automotive engineering society anti-corrosion aging branch secretary-general huang ping, Xiaomin Chen, Chairman of Cheersson and Executive Director of Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., LTD., as well as experts and enterprise representatives from oems, automotive fastener manufacturing and related supporting industries, gathered together. This paper focuses on the design and development of fastener products, intelligent processing, assembly simulation, practical application, monitoring and evaluation, typical failures and other topics in the field of new energy vehicles.

In this BBS, member of China automobile engineering society new kay fastening systems co., LTD, Suzhou technology research and development department manager liu bin, this paper briefly introduces the new current kay products category, technical advantages, and operating results, and the "aluminum alloy welding process and welding test analysis of screw" share the related technical development.

Bin Liu, member of China Society of Automotive Engineering, Manager of R&d Department of Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., Ltd.,

Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., Ltd. is currently the vice president of Fastener Branch of Jiangsu Machinery Industry Association, and has participated in the preparation of T/CSAE 99-2019 "Technical Specifications of Heat-resistant Steel for Automotive Fasteners" and T/CSM 11-2020 "Steel for Cold Heading and Cold Extrusion" standards. In this forum, Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation of the first draft of CSAE standard "Anneal-free Cold Heading Steel Rod for Automotive Fasteners", and helped organize and prepare the first draft of "Torque Test and Evaluation for Automotive Threaded Connection" and the exhibition of new technology and equipment in automotive fasteners industry.

The exhibition field of new technology and equipment in automotive fastener industry brings more intuitive experience to the participants.

Again thank the organizers and the travelling fastener industry experts, the enterprise the representatives of the "2021" the sixth China automotive fasteners development BBS's strong support, wish all the auto fastener manufacturing enterprises can give full play to their own "research and development design + lean production" advantage, with oems development pace, efforts to achieve win-win cooperation, Create a brilliant future for China's automotive fastener industry!

Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rayma Industry, covers the application of fastener products and related technical services in automobiles and new energy vehicles, mobile communications, electric power and electric power, etc. Our main customers include Mintel, Magna, Borgwarner, Top Group, Kaide, ZTE, Nokia, Ericsson, New America Asia, Foxconn, Schneider, Huichuan Group, Emerson, Bosch, Panasonic, Weidmuller, etc. Main products include car inside and outside act the role ofing, door locking system, chassis, acoustics, seat with special fasteners, chassis cabinets sheet metal components such as telecom industry and the control system, body, seats, battery for riveting pieces, oil system, braking system with precision machined part, at the same time, have the ability to provide professional fastening system solutions. In the future, Cheersson will help Suzhou Xinkai Fasteners Co., Ltd. to further expand its production capacity, product categories and application fields, and become an excellent supplier and service provider in the fastener field by combining its own advantages in comprehensive service capabilities including design, R&D and manufacturing.

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